AMT Marine Software Inc. is a privately owned marine consulting company based in the shipping hub of Canadian West Coast - Vancouver.

Since its inception in 1996 the company has been working in close cooperation with our partners, Autoship Systems Corp., on development and marketing of state-of-the-art computer software system Autoload™ for advanced ship planning and stability analysis for various practical applications.

Our products and services are intended for shore-based specialists in tonnage centers, agencies, stevedoring companies, as well as for use on board the ships as the loading instrument software. We provide shipping companies and cargo terminals with stowage planning and management solutions that optimize utilization of available tonnage and capacity of ships, improve cargo handling efficiencies and fully integrate ship planning operations into the real-time logistics chain.

Through the years in business we have taken active part in the full cycle of various projects with major shipping lines starting from needs assessment, writing technical specifications, to development of components of the software systems, implementation, training and on-going technical support. Working closely with prominent shipping companies gave us good opportunity to learn advanced organizational and technological methods of ship planning and cargo handling. That knowledge we build in to our software and distribute it among our clients.   

AMT Marine Software is constantly and actively engaged in the research of innovative methods and technologies of cargo planning, electronic data interchange, development of innovative computer applications for the marine industry and consulting in implementations of the modern methods and solutions in to practical use in shipping companies.

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals with extensive seagoing and marine operations experience and experts in modern software engineering. That mix of skills and expertise enables us to develop very practical, intuitive and powerful software solutions that aid in the complex task of cargo planning and control of ship’s stability and sea keeping.

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