Program Customization

No one marine company is alike. Every company has its own business structure, style, priorities and routines. We, in AMT, believe that the professional software is a tool that must be able to adapt to the way how company runs its business, but not vice versa.

With this in mind, we have built great flexibility in SimpleStow to enable the user to customize working environment in the program to his needs and preferences.

The program is supplied with the default layout and settings that are workable and generic to most operations. If needed, the user can do adjustments and custom settings, such as:

  • change desktop layout, size and positions of program windows;
  • select custom color-coding schemes;
  • set up custom layout and content of cargo properties to be shown in bay plan separately for the screen and printed reports;
  • set up view and order of data columns in the Cargo List;
  • add custom container properties and flags in the program;
  • maintain and use custom container type codes database;
  • configure automatic stowage rules;
  • configure checks for possible stowage conflicts;
  • select units of measurement for different cargo parameters;
  • set up custom EDI formats for importing cargo and voyage data;
  • make custom settings for UN EDIFACT messages;
  • set up default location of data files and saved stowage plans;
  • create and maintain own collection of ship models with desired level of accuracy and details;
  • and the last, but not least, add company’s name and/or logo in the reports headings.

Customizing the program is simple. All the settings the user can do by himself within SimpleStow program interface with the aid of menus, intuitive forms and interactive wizards.

On the corporate level the custom pre-set working environment in SimpleStow can be easily replicated on all computers by distributing one file that contains all the program settings and templates.

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