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SPS Overview

The name SPS stands for Ship Planning System. SPS is the ultimate graphical stowage planning software that provides powerful tools for planning various types of ships and cargo.

Main screen of generic SPS

Its operation is based on true 3-dimensional model of ship and internal compartments. That delivers accurate calculation results and enables 3-dimensional visualization of the ship and cargo during the planning process.

Due to its modular structure SPS can be configured for virtually any type of ship. Putting together combination of modules makes SPS perfect stowage planning tool for multipurpose ships.

SPS is most suitable for installation on board the ships as a part of loading computer software and in shore based operations where the ship’s particulars and documentation is available well in advance before commencing the cargo planning process.

Through the years in operations SPS has gained reputation and popularity among the ship planners and deck officers in the most prominent shipping and stevedoring companies   all round the globe. With continuous development of advanced functionality it maintains its position as the leader among the ship planning and loading computer software on the market.


Highlights of SPS

Graphical User Interface

The most remarkable characteristic of SPS is its graphical capability. Extensive use of computer graphics presenting cargo items of various shapes in their exact stowage positions on the ship in schematic and 3-dimensional isometric views, simple and intuitive ways of stowing and moving cargo around with drag-and-drop function is the hallmark of our ship planning software.

Modular Structure

Different types of ships require different methods of cargo planning and style of stowage plan presentation.

Modular structure of SPS allows tailoring it to wide array of ship types and cargoes: RoRo; container; heavy lift and project cargo; bulk (dry and liquid); break-bulk; open hatch; tween deck, and any combination of the above ship types.

The programming modules exchange data in real time, making the process of planning multipurpose ships smooth and hassle-free within one software application.

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SPS can be connected to Autoload, the most advanced stability analysis software, which provides real-time accurate feedback on ship’s hydrostatic parameters and floating status in the process of load planning. Combination of SPS and Autoload makes it perfect loading computer system for use on board of any type of ships.

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The modules of SPS can be deployed as stand-alone applications on individual computers. At the same time the entire software system can be installed on the networked computers throughout your offices and integrated with your in-house information system bringing ship planning and cargo data processing on one software platform. 

Voyage scenario

The functioning of SPS is built on the concept of total voyage scenario. That means the user can plan not just one port condition at a time, but optimize utilization of cargo space and ship’s capacity through the entire voyage. As additional benefits to that SPS provides:

  • ability to instantly switch from one port condition to another to make fine-tuning of the plan;
  • automatic update of the stowage plan when switching from port to port;
  • automated control over possible stowage conflicts in the future or previous ports safeguarding the user from unexpected nasty surprises;
  • possibility to plan and control cargo re-stows and shifting.

Drag-and-drop stowage method

The main method of stowage planning in SPS is dragging the cargo in graphical plan with the mouse and dropping it in the desired position. In the process the program renders the cargo 3D geometry based on its dimensions.

Built-in Stowage rules

There is a set of automated stowage rules in SPS that the planner can select and employ when stowing mass cargo or multiple units of breakbulk cargo. The program performs automatic check of stowage limitations and possible stowage conflicts and alarms the user if any problem is detected.

Cargo List

Important part of SPS is the searchable Cargo or Booking List with its very well developed functionality. Here the user can analyze and monitor type and amount of cargo stowed, yet to be stowed, its properties and characteristics. Ability to sort and filter cargo by various custom criteria facilitates the work with the Cargo List and makes cargo data analysis and tracking easy.

Electronic Data Interchange

SPS can be fully integrated in the ship operator's logistics chain of cargo data processing through the well developed EDI interface. SPS supports several standard UN / EDIFACT protocols, custom EDI protocols can be added as well.

Reporting capability

All stowage planning culminates in the set of reports. SPS provides very well developed reporting engine that allows the user to produce stowage plans and various cargo statistics reports in electronic PDF format. These reports can be printed, archived or sent as email attachments.

SPS provides management solution that improves cargo handling efficiency, utilization of ship’s capacity, and fully integrates planning operations into the real-time logistical chain.

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