General Cargo Planning

Cargo List

Cargo List in SimpleStow GC is an important component that allows the user to enter, edit and effectively analyze the list of cargoes that he is planning with the aid of the following functions:Image of Cargo List window in SimpleStow GC

  • It presents the user with complete list of cargoes with their characteristics in a clear tabular format.
  • Cargo data in the Cargo List can be entered manually and/or imported from a structured text file (CSV file).
  • In the Cargo List the user can select one or a group of cargoes to be stowed, unstowed or edited.
  • To stow cargo, the user can drag it with the mouse from the Cargo List window and drop it in a hold.
  • The Cargo List keeps account of cargoes already stowed and yet to be stowed in the plan.
  • The user can search and analyze the Cargo List sorting, grouping and filtering it by combination of different criteria.
  • Ability to copy the Cargo List to clipboard in combination with sort, filter and group functions makes it a perfect tool to generate various cargo statistics reports.

The user can set up the Cargo List to his needs and preferences by:

  • hiding unnecessary columns and bringing up columns that he wants to see; 
  • adding custom properties to the table;
  • resizing and re-arranging positions of columns in the table.

Different companies may focus on different cargo characteristics. In addition to the set of common properties SimpleStow GC allows the user to expand the list of cargo characteristics adding custom properties specific to company’s operations.

The most frequently used functions in the Cargo List are instantly accessible through the set of tool buttons and the Right-mouse menu.

For instant reference the Cargo List Information Bar displays summary of the most essential parameters of cargo line items, currently selected in the Cargo List.

To facilitate identification of cargoes, their categories are indicated with graphical icons, port of load and port of discharge are shown on the color background designated for individual ports.

The user can manually enter and edit cargo data in the Cargo List. He can edit characteristics of individual or a group of selected cargo line items at a time.

The most effective method of getting detailed cargo line up data in SimpleStow GC is importing it from a structured text file. The EDI file format is easily customizable by the user. Moreover, it is possible to create a library of unique EDI formats or templates for various sources of cargo data.

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