General Cargo Planning

Data Import

User-customizable Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows seamless integration of SimpleStow GC in to your in-house information system, and enables you to exchange cargo data with your business partners.Importing cargo data from the external list in to SimpleStow GC

SimpleStow GC provides a facility to import voyage schedule and cargo data, including custom user-defined properties and flags, from structured text or spreadsheet files.

Your customers and partners don't have to struggle finding means of sending you cargo data and characteristics in a rigid electronic format. Instead, you can accept these data in a simple custom text file and easily instruct SimpleStow GC how to import it.

In an interactive dialog you can quickly set up and save for future use a template that the program will follow when importing external data.

There may be multiple sources of cargo information. SimpleStow GC allows creating a collection of custom templates to import cargo data from various sources. 

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