General Cargo Planning

Ship Models

Cargo planning programs require models of specific ships that define accurate outline of deck plans, stowable areas in holds and on decks, obstacles, stowage limitations and contain other essential information.

There are three methods of getting ship models in SimpleStow GC:Making models in SimpleStow GC ModelEditor

Making Own Models

No one knows particulars of your ships stowage requirements and restrictions better than you do. Thus, it's natural that you be able to make models for the program yourself.

That not only saves you money, but also significantly reduces time of getting a model in the program and gives you total control over completeness and accuracy of the models.

One of the unique features in SimpleStow GC is that it includes a utility program, the ModelEditor, which provides graphical interface and advanced functionality to create ship models quickly and easily.

The highlights of the ModelEditor are:

  • graphical and intuitive interface where you immediately see the results of your work;
  • simple to use commands presented in the form of menus and tool buttons;
  • automated and intelligent functions that speed up the process of model development and safeguard you from making errors in the model;
  • minimal user input required to make a model;
  • you can decide how complete or partial you want the model to be.

The models created in the ModelEditor are uploaded to the AMT web server for verification. The automatic verification process takes only a few seconds. If the model is free of critical errors and inconsistencies, you instantly receive back the verified and signed model and can proceed with planning the ship.

Downloading  the Models

The models created by all users of SimpleStow GC are published on the AMT’s web server for the benefits of everyone using the program.

All registered users have unlimited access to the ever-expanding web based collection of ship models as a part of the subscribed service, and can download readily available models free of charge.

If a model of a specific ship is not published yet, it is possible to download a model of a sister ship or a ship with similar characteristics, edit it as necessary in the ModelEditor, and then verify and sign it as a new model on the AMT web server.

Receiving the Models with Plan Files

SimpleStow GC saves the model that has been used to make stowage plan, along with the cargo and stowage information, in the plan file itself.

If you receive a stowage plan file from your colleague, but do not have a model for that ship, don't worry. You still can open the plan file in the program and continue planning the same ship. SimpleStow GC will use the model embedded in the stowage plan file.

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