General Cargo Planning

How it Works

SimpleStow GC consists of three main components:

  • SimpleStow GC application for graphical general cargo stowage planning;
  • ModelEditor - a utility program where the user creates his own ship models;
  • Web-based services where the user can download readily available models, verify and publish his own models and manage his account and license(s).

The SimpleStow GC and the ModelEditor are desktop applications. These programs work on a stand-alone computer and do not require permanent connection to a network or the Internet.

However, from time to time the user will have to access AMT web server over the Internet to:

  • download and register SimpleStow GC installation, and extend the term of the software license;
  • download ship models from the AMT web server and/or upload and verify own models.

The system provides the user with maximum independence and complete control over the ship models and the program licenses.

The entire SimpleStow GC system works as follows:

SimpleStow GC is a subscription service.

Before starting using the program, you register on the AMT web site and open your account. It takes only a few moments to fill in a short form and does not impose any financial or other obligations.

Then you download and install SimpleStow GC software package that includes both the SimpleStow GC stowage planning and the ModelEditor desktop applications.

When you start the program for the very first time, you will be requested to register your installation with AMT and obtain the program’s license, which is bound to your computer. That process is fully automated and requires your computer to be connected to the Internet.

After activating the SimpleStow GC license on your computer, you can start using the software.

One-month trial license is offered free of charge. That allows you to evaluate fully functional software before committing to purchasing a full license.

During that period, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the software and web services, studying the detailed Help provided with the program and using a demo ship model and demo data files included in the setup.

To get more ship models you either download them from the AMT web server or create your own models with the aid of ModelEditor software.

The ship models created by individual users are published on the AMT web server to the mutual benefits of all registered users of the system.

Closer to the license expiration date you will be reminded to extend your license term. At any time you can log in to your account on AMT web site and extend it by purchasing additional subscription period.

During the period of validity of the license you receive all the software updates free of charge as a part of the service package.

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