SimpleStow ver.2.6 released

New and improved version of SimpleStow is available for download


Another SimpleStow Milestone

Collection of published SimpleStow ship models has surpassed 500 ships.


SimpleStow is Getting Smarter

Intelligent container recognition during the cargo list synchronization


SimpleStow GC ver.1.3 is released

Updated version of general cargo planning software is available for download


SimpleStow as a BAPLIE viewer

Use SimpleStow as a container EDI messages viewer, processor and converter


SimpleStow GC Released

Graphical general cargo stowage planning software is available for download


New version of SimpleStow is published

Version 2.3.2 of container stowage planning software is available for download


SimpleStow can handle VERMAS

SimpleStow can import and export VERMAS messages


SimpleStow Complies with SOLAS

New version of SimpleStow provides means to enter and process Verified Gross Mas


Bahri Expands SPS License

Bahri GC expands Autoload SPS license with arrival of new ships


SimpleStow ver. 2.2 is published

Updated version of SimpleStow is now available for download


Fulfillment of AAL contract

Autoload commissioned on 10 MPV sisterships


SimleStow Ver.2 Released

New version of our flagship software is available for download


Delivery of 4 loading computers

Loading computers delivered to 4 CSM multipurpose sister ships


Release of SimpleStow ver.1.0

The first version of SimpleStow container stowage planning software is released!


AAL Fremantle sails with Autoload

AMT has supplied loading computer to another AAL ship


Autoload for AAL Brisbane

AMT has delivered loading computer software for m/v AAL BRISBANE


Website Under Construction

Our new site is currently under development.

SimpleStow ver.2.6 released

We are excited to introduce the latest release of SimpleStow, version 2.6.1.

This iteration represents a significant advancement of our well-established SimpleStow application, widely utilized by ship planners across the globe in container terminals and shipping line offices.

SimpleStow new user interface main window

In addition to enhancing the overall program performance, version 2.6.1 brings substantial improvements to both the user interface and program functionality. Key enhancements include:

  • The graphical user interface now supports the opening of multiple Bay View windows, providing users with greater ease in inspecting container stowage within specific bays. This feature also facilitates the modeling and simulation of container restows and shifting during voyages at intermediate ports.
  • Users can now open multiple Cargo List windows, format each window according to their needs, choosing data columns' content and positions. The information in each window can be independently sorted and filtered.  The desktop can be arranged, for example, to display stowed containers in one window, projection containers, or containers yet to be stowed – in another, and the list of restowed containers in a separate window. This aids in efficiently monitoring the entire stowage condition of the ship.
  • Enhanced Handling of all types of standard ISO containers. Now SimpleStow recognizes not only marine 20- and 40-ft containers, but also the entire array of other types of ISO containers, including Out-of-Gauge under- and oversized containers assigned BIC container type codes. Users also have the flexibility to define custom container types entering their exact dimensions. Then SimpleStow will handle them the same way as the standard ISO container types.

We welcome both our existing and new customers to download and experience the new features in SimpleStow version 2.6.1.

For additional information, please visit the SimpleStow Overview page.

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